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Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is an advanced water treatment process that aims to eliminate the discharge of any liquid waste from an industrial or municipal facility. The goal of ZLD is to recycle and recover as much water as possible from the wastewater, leaving behind only solid waste for disposal or reuse. ZLD is particularly relevant for industries or facilities that generate high volumes of wastewater with high concentrations of pollutants, such as heavy metals, salts, and other contaminants.

Zero Liquid Discharge Plants
Our expertise – ZLD Plants are used to seperate the industrial effluents into Solvents, condensed water and disposable concentrated salts. 

Multiple Effect Evaporation Plant
Required for effluent treatment or product concentration-we are adept in designing and manufacturing of
» Falling Film Evaporation Plants
» Forced Circulation Evaporation Plants
» Rising Film Evaporation Plants
» Combination Evaporation Plants

Agitated Thin Film Dryers
It is the most efficient and versatile Dryer-Inhibeo is accomplished manufacturer of ATFD whether the requirement is Product Solidification or high concentration

Vapor Re-Compressors
»Thermo Vapor Re-compressors
» Mechanical Vapor Re-compressors
» Steam Jet Ejectors

An integral part of ZLD and MEE, it increases the overall steam economy thereby optimizing energy expenditures.

Distillation Plants
We are able designers and manufacturers of Distillation Columns for
Continuous as well as Batch Process for applications of
» Ethanol/Methanol Recovery
» Solvent Recovery
» Petroleum
» Edible Oil Refineries
» IPA separation

ETP and Pre-Treatment Process
Complete Solutions for case-specific demands of Client like Reverse Osmosis, Biological Treatment, Aeration Tanks, Activated Sludge System, UF MF and Clanfiers
»Preliminary Treatment
» Primary Treatment
» Secondary Treatment