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With an industrial experience INHIBEO Water Solution & Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers simple and cost-effective solutions in the field of Water / Wastewater treatment systems and is truly a professionally managed company, we design, manufacture and supply water/waste-water treatment plants like Industrial RO / Reverse Osmosis Systems for process and drinking, Sewage Treatment plants, Effluent Treatment Plants, Conventional Pressure Filters, DM Plants, Softener, and Water Recycling etc.

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Inhibeo Water Solutions is a company that provides various water treatment and management services. Their field services typically involve on-site activities related to water treatment and management, especially in industrial and commercial settings.


Water treatment involves processes to make water safe for consumption, while wastewater treatment focuses on removing contaminants.


Environmental audits are systematic assessments of an organization's environmental performance, processes, and practices. These audits are conducted to evaluate compliance with environmental regulations, identify areas for improvement, and enhance sustainability efforts.

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Client Testimonials

"We recently hired Inhibeo Water Solution & Technology Pvt. Ltd. for our residential complex, and the results have been remarkable. The team at Inhibeo Water conducted a thorough assessment of our water quality and customized a comprehensive treatment plan to address our specific needs. They installed advanced filtration systems that have significantly improved the taste and odour of our water. The customer service provided by Inhibeo Water has been exceptional, with prompt responses to our queries and regular maintenance visits to ensure optimal performance. We are delighted with the outcome and would gladly recommend Inhibeo Water Solution to others."

Kalpataru Grandeur, Indore

"The Multi-Effect Evaporators System provided by Inhibeo Water Solution has been a game-changer for our pharmaceutical production facility. It has effectively addressed our challenges with wastewater treatment, allowing us to meet stringent regulatory requirements. The system's ability to concentrate and recover valuable substances from our wastewater has not only enhanced our environmental sustainability but also provided cost savings.Inhibeo Water has delivered an exceptional product and provided excellent technical support, making them our trusted partner in wastewater treatment. I can confidently endorse Inhibeo Water to any company seeking an efficient and reliable solution."

Ashith Rao, Sr. Manager Purchase, Rusan Pharma Ltd.

"Our company had been struggling with water scarcity issues for years, but ever since we installed a Zero-liquid discharge (ZLD) plant, our water management has been transformed. The ZLD plant has not only helped us conserve water resources but also significantly reduced our environmental impact. We're able to recover almost all the water used in our processes, leaving behind zero liquid waste. It's a win-win situation for us and the environment."

S.R. Singh, Plant Manager, Larsen & Toubro Limited, Pithampur

"Inhibeo Water Solution & Technology Pvt. Ltd.'s Multi Effect Evaporators System has improved our wastewater management, meeting regulations and saving us money on disposal fees. A reliable and efficient solution."

Plant Manager, Dhwani Terefabs Export Limited

"It was a great pleasure working with Inhibeo Water The team provided us with the right technical guidance and supported us through the ups and downs of the project execution phase".

Papcon Indore Pvt. Ltd.