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Environmental clearance, also known as environmental impact assessment (EIA), is a process used by governments and regulatory authorities to assess the potential environmental impacts of proposed projects or activities. The purpose is to ensure that these activities do not significantly harm the environment and are conducted in a sustainable manner.

Save Water

Reduce Leaks | Manage Consumption More than 20% of the water produced is lost due to leaks, Inhibeo constantly innovates to provide our customers with the means to assess the precise quantity of water they consume

Protect Water Resources

Treat Waste Water | Limit the Risk of Pollution Inhibeo collects and treats wastewater prior to recycling, we help protect the supply zones around underground catchment areas

Develop Alternate

Recycle treated water | Recharge aquifers | Desalinate seawater Recycle water at the outlet of the treatment plant, where water is scarce, recharging these aquifers with treated water will help.